Friday, November 2, 2007

I have been after my special person Sandi to put up photos of my family members (Ruby, Rose, Belle, Annie and Willy) and she has been really busy and hasn't gotten to it. But today is a very special day for me and for Sandi, and so I want to write about that.

I really love to track. We took instruction from Gretchen and Marge at Bon-Clyde (their classes were fun!) Tracking has helped me learn how to concentrate, discriminating one scent from another (and there are millions of scents out there!)

Today we had a training session in Vass, NC with Ed Presnall (tracking trainer, judge & author, from Pawmark & TCoW in Wisconsin). He laid several tracks for us, and one was a regulation TD track, and I worked very hard getting to the final article. We had to stop several times to pick sand burrs. Sandi said she was very proud of me.

Ed said that he would certify my track for ASCA TD. Sandi is very happy and excited, and again told me how proud she is of me. She knew how hard my track was, and that even though I had to track through sand burrs, I kept working hard to find the final article. Ed said I was a great tracking dog and he liked me a lot....and he had never seen an English Shepherd work tracks.

What I really liked was that I got an egg and cheese biscuit at the end of each track.