Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Glorious Day

Well, It has been ages since Sandi has taken time to post on my blog. I've been really bored. We haven't tracked because of the snakes and the farmers who let us use their fields have been harvesting wheat, hay, etc. Sandi has been showing my big sister Ruby to finish two Rally titles - I have been neglected....

But now it's autumn in North Carolina, mornings are a little frosty, the colors and smells are amazing and life is good. Sandi went to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( conference in Louisville, Kentucky a couple weeks ago, and she brought back all sorts of ideas about playing games with dogs, an interactive dog puzzle game ( which is very cool - and a bunch of different kinds/flavors of dog treats.

Sandi has been very excited about an election (whatever that is). She did some work with registering voters (whatever that is). And this past Tuesday she stayed up all night watching television. She felt really happy but kinda lousy Wednesday. I really don't understand humans. I think everyone should Wag More and Bark Less. Anyway, now Sandi is walking on sunshine and she says to check out - a blog for dog and cat lovers who support Obama. I think my cat sister Rose got her photo on a website for Cats for Obama. Is there a website for Dogs for Obama?