Saturday, March 29, 2008

More of my family

I did promise awhile back to tell you about other members of my family. There are two cats in MY house, Rose and Belle. Belle has no interest in me. My person Sandi says that Rose was worshipped in a former life, and Rose sure acts like it sometimes. She was Miss November in the APS of Orange County (NC) 2003 calendar, and you'd think she was Miss Universe!

She is a very petite gray cat (Sandi calls her a silver tabby, which I think is silly) and truth be known, she looks like an overgrown squirrel. She spends a lot of time on top of Sandi's computer, with her head hanging off the edge of the monitor. Sometimes she wants to play with me, and I get the funniest feeling that she is playing mind games with me though. We don't get to play if Ruby is nearby, because Ruby protects Rose and puts herself between us. Obviously Rose has Ruby under some kind of mind control.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My life is very busy!

Wow - I've been so busy and Sandi is very behind in keeping all my activities posted on my blog. (we need to have a talk about this!)

First of all, the VST (variable surface tracking) workshop in February with Ed Presnall and Mary Thompson was so exciting! There were 18 dog and handler teams working, plus a lot of auditors without their dogs. I really like Ed - he is a very successful trainer, judge and author, and likes to motivate people and their dogs. The working dogs (including me!) ran tracks both Saturday and Sunday through the campus of Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, NC. My track began on a strip of pinestraw/grass, turned onto a brick area, then onto a sidewalk, up concrete steps and into a bricked courtyard (along the way I picked up a chicken leg from someone's lunch but Sandi made me give it up - with VST you have the opportunity to find real good stuff laying around!)

Sandi had a great time and learned a lot -she was very proud of me.

Next on our calendar was our ASCA tracking test (TD) last weekend. We had been working hard to prepare and our friend Gretchen was coaching us. The test morning was really cold. Sandi drew track 4 and we waited for our turn. Gretchen entered with her Weim "Obie" and drew the first track. When our turn came, we had to get in the car and drive to the field. I could tell Sandi was excited and nervous at the start flag (we need to work on this part!). I finally got started on my track, which went down the side of a hill, we turned a corner and then the whistle blew. Bummer. We restarted and then off we went again and I quickly found the glove at the end. I'll have to try this again after we work on accuracy and starts.

I've had an easy week this week - except my stomach was a little upset. It's better now. Sandi and I tracked on Monday and Friday, and this morning Sandi and I went to the Animal Protection Society training facility to work on some APDT Rally course work. If you go to my friend Niamh's blog you can see some photos (her person Barbara is much more on the ball about posting photos and updates!) Sandi will try to get a photo up here also.

Training is really fun, whether it's tracking (my favorite) or doing drill team or rally moves. I really am a lucky dog!