Monday, July 21, 2008

Wow - Time flies!

I can't believe that three months have passed since Sandi posted last on my blog! But really, I have to confess that in a way it has been nice. It really drives me crazy sometimes how much time a human can spend sitting at a keyboard.

It turns out that early in the summer Sandi's computer started getting really really slow and weird things were happening. So she took the computer to a computer repair shop - after a little while it was sent home with a new hard drive. Then, something else went wrong (I am bored by computer stuff so I didn't pay attention to the details). Something about a 'motherboard.' Anyway, she had a good hard drive, but nothing else.

Then she had to get a new one. Then Herman helped to have a local computer place customize a replacement, which really made Sandi happy because she really doesn't want to mess with those kinds of decisions. The problem was that this new computer went back and forth into the shop until all the kinks were worked out (not sure if that has really happened yet).

The good side of this was that instead of sitting at the keyboard and screen - she was playing with us! She didn't check email anymore, and we got to go on longer walks and play in the yard. I got to chase a groundhog out of the vegetable garden (Sandi wouldn't let me actually catch him - bummer) So while you have been wondering about my blogging, I've been having fun!

We don't have the camera plug-in thing installed yet (I think it's lost somewhere in the office) so you don't have photos with this post. Sandi needs to get this set up, and to carry her camera with us when we head out for training or other adventures.

Tonight we went to APS to practice Rally, and my friend Niamh was there. She has a freestyle routine she and Barbara are polishing for competition. I think Niamh is a born dancer! We also ran into my friend Royal - he is growing up and really really handsome! WOW !

But --- sorry, no photos. Maybe next time. And maybe Sandi can keep up with her computer stuff and still give all of us at home long walks and playtime.