Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Time

I have heard so much about "parades" lately, and our APS drill team met for practices downtown to prepare...and I admit I didn't always behave well...anyway, I didn't get to be in the parades after all. Sandi took me to one parade to train. I couldn't believe all the people and marching bands and horses! Such noise and chaos! The other dogs in the drill team seemed calm. I guess I have a lot to learn.

It turns out that our drill team director Barbara (my friend Niamh's special person) was named "Grand Marshall" of our local Holiday Parade. Sandi called the parade moves for the drill team while Barbara got to ride in a fancy car. And Niamh and I had to stay home. Maybe next year ~

The holiday time was fun though. We had a tree in our house and it seemed that new dog toys were turning up everywhere! The cats even got toys - I don't know why because they will play with crumpled up paper - why get them toys?

Sandi had some photographs taken of me this autumn. My "big sister" Ruby was in some of them. I've been wanting to share photos of my family members, so here is a photo of us girls (dogs - no cats!) Ruby is an Australian Shepherd and has lived with Sandi for 9 years. She's done a lot of fun things - drill team, herding sheep, Rally obedience, agility, visiting with children in the hospital Pediatric Psychiatry unit, Ronald McDonald House, children in the county schools exceptional child program and in a neuropsychiatry clinic. She even has her portrait and story in a book! However, she does not track!

I hope to have more fun news about my dog's life soon - people have this funny way of getting excited about when the year changes. I just think that life goes on....Chris (Trotter's person) has a bumper sticker "Wag More, Bark Less" I think that is a good thing ~