Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally - I am in a "Parade" (and I'm exhausted)

Wow - no one told me how much excitement there was in a "holiday parade." It started out exciting - but I had no idea! I'm really glad I was with my dog and people friends with Paws4Ever (formerly APS of Orange County), because there were a few times it was really nutty with all the clapping and cheering, and the fire truck right behind us honking (he was told he couldn't use his siren!) I wonder what kind of holiday this is? Now I understand why we did so much 'distraction work.' (between you and me, I think people are a little crazy)

These photos are of us at the start of the parade. Sharon was in the dog costume, and we all had to get used to how different she looked! Since we were really busy during the parade, we couldn't get any photos. Jenn's husband Eric took some action shots, so you'll need to go to Royal's blog, and Niamh has some good photos on her blog, too! You can see our other drill team friends Bernie, Elmo, Jib, Vicki, Penny, Amiga, Casper, Hadji, and their people. This was the first parade for Niamh and Royal, too. And now I have my own bandana (thanks Barbara) and I don't have to borrow Ruby's anymore!

Happy Holidays (is this another food holiday?)