Thursday, February 7, 2008

more tracking...

Sandi is telling me that this coming weekend is going to be very exciting and fun. We are going to a 2-day VST tracking workshop in Pinehurst, NC.

I can't think that far ahead really, all I am thinking about is today. This morning we headed off early to run in the dog park, and what do you know!!?? There was Jenn and Big Sandy, Bernie, and a puppy. Turns out the puppy was Royal! Finally we got to meet and play and RUN. We ran a lot. It was great! You can find a link to Royal's blog on my page. There are photos of him there - he is very cute!

So..Sandi says that tomorrow we will run some fun short tracks to get ready for the weekend. I'll blog again soon to let you know how the weekend workshop goes (if I can get Sandi to type it for me - she seems so busy...)