Monday, March 2, 2009

More Snow! Yippee

What do you know? We woke up this morning and we had snow! That is really amazing, since last night when we went to bed everything was dark and dreary, and this morning it is white and fluffy.

I love snow because it brings out all the great smells outdoors, and I can usually find a critter to dig up. They probably think they are safe under that snow, but they don't know the power of my nose.

Ruby loves the snow too, and so do Sandi's horses. They snort and get silly. Willy is a thoroughbred gelding who is 27 years old now. He wears a blanket to stay warm.


Niamh said...

We had a great time in the snow too Ayla. Ambrose was not bothered by it at all and just raced around like crazy. Too bad we had to miss drill team though. Want to do some tracking later this week?

Your friend,

Niamh said...


There is another English Shepherd on Dogs with Blogs!! You should check out the blog on

Your BFF,

An English Shepherd said...

Hi Ayla,

(Thanks for letting Ayla know about my blog Niamh :-)

As you may have read on my blog I am an English Shepherd pup in England.

I am 4 months old and one of the first litter's of ES’s to be born over here, my Mum and Dad both came over from the USA.

We had some snow not long ago over here but its very spring like now.

I will definitely bookmark your blog so I can check up on your exploits.

Best wishes

Your ‘English’, English Shepherd Cousin

karensbrae said...


Your pictures are great!! We are now having really strong winds and the sand is blowing of the fields.